Venue Information for Metropolis Fremantle, Fremantle, WA

With Eight Bars and Four Chambers all in one Club, which one will you make yours? Fire: The heart. The soul. It's the main dance floor and the centre of Metropolis Freemantle. All door's lead to this room and it's one party you can't but help get caught up in!! Earth: Take 5. Chill with your friends for a minute. Right off the main dance floor, relax and enjoy the cocktails as you come back to Earth in C2. Water: Step up. Watch. Rise above it all as you look down and watch the fire downstairs in C1. From up here you can see it all, feel all the tunes and still have your own space. Air: Found right up the top, it's the home of the bands and the balcony. Enjoy a set on the stage... or toast the night under the open sky. It's a special place up in the Air, C5.

Telephone: 08 9336 1880
Website: https://www.metropolisfremantle.com.au
Address: 58 South Terrace Fremantle WA 6160
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